There was a blog. I like to affectionately refer to the blog…My “glob”. As you can see…my glob is empty.

According to Blogger..(Globber..haha), I had 186, give or take um…20..posts. I deleted them all. I hadn’t written here in over a year, and reading back on my past was not exactly a pleasant walk through a field of daisies…it was more like watching a train wreck and being Superman looking down on the trainwreck and saying “I think I’d rather sit at home and watch Full House re-runs”. Yeah, that bad. So, I deleted them all and I am starting over. I still like the title of the Glob, and I need to so some redecorating of the “themed background” or what have you and it will be good as new.

Um…it’s time for a salad though so I don’t think I’ll spend any more time here. Kthxbyebbqlollerskatez.