So if I call my blog “glob”, then if I were to make a vlog would I call it “glov”?

I’m doing some online browsing/drooling/pining for an ultra portable video camera. Preferably one that doesn’t make my life more difficult when trying to upload videos to whatever pleases me.

I really want to start doing videos of stuff. I don’t know what of completely yet, but I’ll figure it out, the bottom line (in my head at least) is that I can’t do that without a camera…so…really this is just a big excuse to buy something. I really should’ve tried to buy one when Circuit City was going out of business but I bought a car stereo instead, which still isn’t installed.

I’m really into this awesome book right now, it’s called “Outliers” and it’s by Malcolm Gladwell

I’m also into Twitter right now! Twitter is the coolest thing I’ve found in a while…well I didn’t find it, I guess I’m a Twitter follower…but whatever.