or…things read at work, left for others and clearly not for my eyes…but left in public nonetheless and so I read them and take pictures and use quotes in my Glob….

completely unnecessary.

So all day I’ve been trying to weigh the pros and cons of buying a class ring for Graduation. I never bothered with one in H.S….and that’s a good thing, H.S. is probably one of the lamest times of your life. College however, is forever. So to commemorate that, every time I look at class rings I really really want one. Then I remember…I don’t really wear jewelry. Class rings are rather bulky, even the tiny women’s ones…so will I actually wear it? Then, the bigger issue: Do I want to spend $415 on one or do I want to try to convince my mom that it’s a good investment….?!

So tomorrow, I shall commence Operation Mom-Buy-Me-A-Class-Ring-And-I’ll-Suffer-Through-HOURS-Long-Graduation-Ceremony-For-You. I think this is a fair trade…$415 for my soul? Let’s be honest, I think she’s getting the better end of the deal here.

I’ve also been up researching THE 3rd generation Prius…because nobody on Twitter will tell me what the plural of Prius actually IS…so I had to say “THE” Prius…anyway, I want one. I think. Maybe. Perhaps not, but I’m leaning towards yes right now.

I also am currently debating posting resumes on job sites…and whether it will do any good…and whether I want to bother with that. I’m a little rusty on this front.

Oh…it’s an hour and a half past my bedtime…shutting down…

but one more for the day…”all in all, _ and _ helped us out where we managed to survive”…..um…what?!?!