In Farmville that is. So are bulls and reindeer. I think within the next month or two I’ll probably be able to start up my own farm because of farmville. I think I’ve learned a lot, such as it only takes a day in order to be able to harvest some poinsettas…even if they’re good for nothing but poisoning people. And I can totally grow some pineapples right next to potatoes and squash. This completely makes sense in my head. WHAT a space saver!

And you can only fit 20 cows in a dairy farm thingy, and you can put ALIEN cows in there…how cool is that?! Because there have to be a lot of alien cows running around on farms out there seeing as how only crazy back-asswards hick farmers get abducted by aliens so naturally they would take some of our normal cows and leave replacement green alien cows with horns. Totally. Normal.

I should mention that I have a bit of a cold and just took some mucinex and some nasal shots of Afrin so I’m feeling a bit wired right now.

Also, I should mention that I’ve watched “He’s Just Not That Into You” three times today. Not just once. Three. Because of that, I’ve had the following conversations:

Me: “I just want you to know that I could’ve married Ryan Reynolds if that Scarlett Johansson (seriously? two t’s and two s’s) hadn’t stolen him. But I didn’t. Out of respect for you.

Darren: “haha thanks”

Me: “Your welcome. I’m a one man kinda gal. So you remember, I can always give Ryan Reynolds a ringy ding.”

Ugh, something smells like rotting poo and I think it’s my dog. Great.