I know it’s after Christmas but I hope everyone out there had an enjoyable holiday. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you still had a good time too doing whatever it is that you were doing.

I spent my Christmas with my boyfriend’s family, and I have to say that spending holidays with people you have no blood relation to is really the way to go. It’s definitely more fun and relaxing when you don’t feel obligated to make a smart-ass remark or start a fight every half hour just to break up the monotony.

However, I am sick. Or am getting sick. Which explains why currently I am nursing a modified version of a sippie cup full of orange juice hoping it will make my throat feel better.

Well, I must force myself to sleep in hopes of not remaining sick. I have two full weeks left of my vacation and I don’t intend on wasting any of that time with being the least bit sick. I am a little upset that my “Snapped” marathon ended so abruptly earlier. Now what am I supposed to watch while I should be sleeping?!?!?!