ok so in the last two days I’ve watched not only “He’s Just Not That Into You” three times, but now I’ve watched “Bride Wars” and “Fool’s Gold” three times each as well. I’ve watched “Jurassic Park” twice and “10,000 B.C.” one and a half times. And sadly I’ve made my way to the Disney channel for “The Parent Trap” and “The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement”.

In short, Afrin and Mucinex two days straight make me a 13 year old girl who fears never finding the perfect man of her dreams as long as the man of her dreams isn’t Bradley Cooper because he cheats on his wife and as long as my husband doesn’t have any slutty clients and/or secretaries and as long as the man of her dreams is a royal hottie ala Prince Harry (ahh…let’s pause a moment for the ginger prince shall we??…..ok moment over). OH! And the man of my 13 year olds dreams also fights dinosaurs and wins and also is a dreadlocked cro-magnon type man who stabs mammoths and saves saber tooth tigers. Totally gonna happen. Except that I’m 23 now. I haven’t met any dinosaur ninja fighters…wait, does that imply that the dinosaur is a ninja or the guy? I get lost. In any case, I don’t think these people really exist and taking cold/flu drugs for a few days turns me into an emotional wreck…

who CRAVES CEREAL!!! I think it’s time to remove myself from the internets. It’s hard to write about things when you’ve been completely useless and druggy and dinosaur ninja-ed all day.