In 6 hours, 2009 will officially be over. I can’t say that I’m sorry to see it go. It’s not that it was the worst year for me, it’s just that it was another year. I graduated from college, which was pretty big, and I got a new grown up big girl job, which is always good. But as far as the rest of the year goes life was pretty stagnant.I had four (a record) sinus infections, and bronchial infection, and various other viral alien abduction feeling stomach viruses.

I haven’t done anything to work towards figuring out what I want to be when I grow up and the biggest thing I really accomplished that I can remember is updating my resume, oh and taking my dog to get her ear infection medicine….which happened today.

I guess we all have those years where we just exist. We don’t strive for anything and screw goals for the new year, we just try to live and keep on keepin’ on. Well, that’s certainly what I did in 2009.

I’m not one for making New Year’s Resolutions, because while I’d like to get in shape and eat better, and I’d like to perfect my writing more and figure out what the future holds, I can’t really put that all into words and I certainly am not ready to be making myself promises I can’t keep, especially with only 6 hours standing between me and getting up off my ass to begin fulfilling those promises.

So, I’ve decided to make some schmesolutions that I know I CAN keep, and which are totally frivolous:

1. I will use my Wii Fit, not really so much because I think it will get me in shape but because I spent $100 on it and because I don’t have to pay a recurring membership fee that I will only let sit there (like the gym-not that I ever made it close enough to a gym in 2009 to contemplate a membership).

2. I will throw away old shit. I have boxes of what is quite possibly the dumbest crap ever that I don’t want or need. There probably is even shit in it, albeit tiny spider poop. Either way, that can’t be healthy seeing as how I’m allergic to everything.

3. I will try, very hard, not to spend $120 on makeup at Sephora at one time again. I can’t really promise this won’t happen, because I’ll spend $60 one day and $60 or more another. But notice, I said AT ONE TIME. So there. Call my bluff.

4. I promise to at least once, read a REAL book and not a Kindle book. Just one. Kindles cost money yo, gotta put them to use.

I’d like to write more but honestly my patience has worn out for trying to think of things to promise where I won’t disappoint myself letter.

I hope great things for 2010 though. I’m not going to force myself to achieve any one goal, because if I do..then what? I’ll have lived only for that one goal and then I won’t know what to do with myself and the rest of the year will be fruitless. No, I’ll hope a general attitude change in 2010 occurs, and that great things come from it, and that I’ll know achievement when it happens.

Cheers to all, drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, wrap it up, etc. Here’s to a Happy New Year’s-This ones for all of us!