Today I was joking around about how I was upset that I just found out that someone had gotten married (quite some time ago…I’m slow, clearly) and how he was supposed to marry me. No, I don’t know this person, he was like a local celebrity…so obviously I was joking.

Then my mom goes “Oh yeah and they were registered at Breed & Co. Stalker? Just there when they registered”. I had to wonder, does my mom mean that she was at the store and he was at the store with his fiancee and she saw them registering…or does my mom often just randomly check bridal registries when she happens to be in a store? For the purpose of this blog, I’m going with the latter. Obviously.

I was totally in awe of my mother. I mean, do all moms do this? Or is my mom a special breed of mom that perpetually lives through other people getting married? Am I going to wake up one day to find that I’m already registered at a million different places that my mom “just happened to be shopping at” or what?! I mean if I am, then I am surely missing out on free gifts right now and I’d like to know because I could really use some free shit right now. Like a living room set. That’d be nice.

You know what else I’d like? I’d like for NOT to charge $75 shipping on a $50 headboard, that’s what I’d like. Does anybody else find this vomit worthy? It makes my stomach churn how much that’s a rip off. I’m not gonna buy it. I’m gonna trudge my way to a Target store to see if they have, and they probably won’t because they’re evil and want to charge $75 shipping. When Wal Mart has a ship to store option that’s free. Target doesn’t. Who is gonna win the online buying war? I wonder. I am NEVER buying anything from, mark my words!!

In any case, I’m trying to get myself to focus on actual work right now but it’s clearly not working. I shouldn’t be blogging. Guess what, I do a lot of things I shouldn’t do though. That’s how I roll.

I met my mom for lunch today. She was out around town “shopping”. Yeah, or stalking bridal registries.