Haha my blog title is like a bad episode of Schoolhouse Rock.

So in the last two weeks or so I’ve been attempting to organize my life. I might be moving, eventually..one day…whenever…but I will. And when I do, I don’t want to take a lot of crap with me. That’s precisely all I have. CRAP! And it’s EVERYWHERE!! So a nice trip to Ikea took care of some basic needs as far as shoe racks go, because I need room for my shoes and a way to organize them, and I got a new dresser in to free up some closet space.

Then I just threw away boxes. Boxes and boxes and boxes. Because apparently in my household, every time we buy something, specifically electronics, we must keep the box. Why? That’s a good question, to which I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA! None. Other than maybe one day when they’re all non-returnable anyway because we’ve had the thing for like 5 years I may need to bury it in its own grave and I guess in my dad’s mind it’s a much nice burial for an electronic item to be buried in its original box so that in its last fleeting moments it can feel shiny and new again.

I’m pretty sure dead electronics totally think like that on their way out. Your welcome. Except that I threw away a lot of boxes so my Macbook and Wii will have no nice new original box to die in when their time comes. Which better not be any time soon or I’m gonna be too pissed about that to worry about their boxes.

In any case, I’m on my way to being more organized. I just threw away and gave away all kind of stuffed to the paralyzed veterans. Makes me feel better and motivates me to just get rid of stuff really quickly. So I can go buy more stuff. Obviously.

I found the most perfect dressing table and Ikea that I wanted to use as a computer desk but guess what?! They don’t have it in the store. Guess what else?!?! They don’t have it in ANY STORE IN THE UNITED STATES. And one more?!?! THEY DONT HAVE IT ONLINE EITHER!! But some very nice people in the UK have it on eBay…for local pick up. So if someone could just lend me a boat or something I’ll be good!

This blog was totally disappoint, I’m sorry. Here’s something to make you feel better for having to suffer through it: