Because that’s the way I pronounce “John” in my head, because that way I don’t have to give credit to anyone here like I’m talking about a specific movie that is supposedly coming out today when really I’m not (but I so am). Yes, also, I realize there’s a better way to spell the name that’s pronounced that way but I prefer the phonetic spelling, thank you. I’m an anthropology student after all and that’s how I roll.

Anyway, I didn’t really see any point to seeing this movie, except that it’s a movie and Friday night and what else am I going to do? NOT BUY A DESK FROM IKEA THAT’S FOR DAMN SURE. Sorry, I have a problem. More of that later.

Moving on…I wasn’t like expecting too much from this movie, until I read the cast list for “Dear John” and realized that the kid from E.T. (Henry Thomas) was in it. I HAVE to see it now! I didn’t even know that kid was still in movies?!?! But according to IMDB he has been I just didn’t pay attention or was living under a rock or compost pile or something equally disgusting and sad.


I saw this desk at Ikea like a month ago that I absolutely had to have. It’s perfect. It’s gorgeous. It’s more of a dressing table than a desk but I need it for my computer! And no such luck, they haven’t had it for sale online or in the store for some time. Then today lo and behold it’s finally on sale online. I worked myself up so much because I felt like I had waited a million years (read: minutes) for this to happen! It still isn’t available in store but I was like YES! I AM GOING TO BUY THIS ONLINE! No. The answer is no. Because $199 desk + $329 shipping + $43 tax = $571 desk. And…would anybody in their right mind pay that much for anything at Ikea? The answer is no, let me answer for you. Not even a drunk crazy person would pay that much for that desk.

Needless to say I am really put out by not having that desk in my possession yet. One day, it will be mine and I won’t pay $571 for it.

Hot Checks

Without giving too much away, let’s just say that I work with University students. Not going to say which specifically. You know how it is, I’m so popular and funny and crap that I don’t want to like…offend anybody. What am I saying, offend away. Still not going to get anymore than that right now. Anyway (how many times do I say this word?)…I work with University students. Doing accounting work for them. Let’s just leave it at that. It surprises me…well really disgusts me how many of them just walk around using daddy’s credit card and swiping away until oops! one day it doesn’t work anymore. Then they call up daddy and say “daddy, why is not my card worketh?” (that’s how they speak, it’s the complete opposite of intellectual and sounds more cro-magnon than anything). Then daddy tells them it’s because there is no money in the account because of course none of them have ever seen much less used or heard of a bank LEDGER. Then daddy puts more money in their account and they go on their merry little ways.

What. The. Hell. Are parents teaching their kids these days? About 90% of them have never written a check before either. Or filled out a deposit slip. Or anything like that whatsoever and it drives me nuts. So obviously, a lot of them are writing hot checks. Do people still even do that? I mean I guess that do. Probably a lot. But really? What are you doing writing checks with no money especially when you clearly don’t manage your own money? Second, what are you doing belonging to clubs where you have to pay dues when you KNOW you don’t have any money?

What’s wrong with kids these days? I say that like I’m so old but I’m not, I’m just thankful my parents made me fend for myself financially. I mean, what happened to getting a job while in school. I had one; I worked full time while in college. Ridiculous!! BALDERDASH!

So..remember like three hours ago when I was talking about a movie? Yeah…Still looking forward to the E.T. kid.