I’ve concluded that you know you’re a real adult depending on two things:

1. You have your own address labels and stop using the free ones the ASPCA keeps sending in hopes that you’ll donate money to them.

2. You have your own luggage set.

I’ll explain. This morning I was filling out my application to be a volunteer at the local animal shelter. Normally, I’d probably brush the address label issue aside because in all honesty I rarely send anything in the mail anymore. Except for Netflix. Which doesn’t require me to identify myself in any particular way other than them knowing who I am by my disc label barcode. But whatever (so Terminator). This particular time really struck me though. Here I am, filling out this application and I’m trying to be as adult as possible. I want to become a volunteer, and I’m about to be 24 (which by all accounts is not very old I know but I want to seem OLDER). So I finish filling out the application, albeit begrudgingly by hand because they posted documents that are unable to be edited in Adobe so I couldn’t type in my responses! Anyway, I finished the application and got an envelope to fill out. Then the panic set in…

Do I type the envelope up and then stick it in the printer? It would be neater that way for sure. But I always put the envelope in the printer the WRONG WAY and always waste at least one envelope, and I only have TWO envelopes so I can’t really afford to waste ONE now can I? But then if I have to WRITE everything on the envelope, I have a hard time writing straight and so it’s gets all curvy and moves in an upwards right sort of way like my letters are trying to fly off the envelope! Then….I’m at work, so I don’t have one of those free address labels, which would be helpful right now as they usually come from either the ASPCA or  Defender of Wildlife and appropriately I’m applying for an animal shelter!

So I just wrote on the envelope, because what other choice did I have? But I felt a little less like an adult when I did it. Even though hey! I wrote it myself so that’s not at impersonal as just typing everything up…maybe they’ll appreciate that.

As for the luggage, I just recently returned from a trip to Florida with my boyfriend and my family, and to make this short and sweet…we were both getting ready to pack and I realized that um…I don’t have a suitcase. So I had to borrow one from my dad. And my boyfriend had to borrow one from his parents who don’t even live in the same city. That’s what I decided you were really grown up when you had your own luggage and didn’t have to ask daddy to borrow his any more. One day, luggage set, you’ll be mine!