I posted a couple of weeks ago a Q & A session from Stratejoy that I really enjoyed answering. I may not have mentioned this to you, but I absolutely love love love Molly and what she’s doing over at Stratejoy. I’ve enjoyed reading the blogs and guest posts for a while, finding daily inspiration in the powerful young women that share their stories through the blog.

I’ve enjoyed it so much that it’s really helped me come to terms with the fact that I, myself, am going through a Quarter Life Crisis (QLC) and that I really need some help and some good girl support (not the booby kind, the emotional kind). So, I took the plunge and began Stratejoy’s Joy Equation a week ago. See, Molly is a Life Coach, but more than that, she and the community she’s created are soul sisters. Just this past week has been enlightening to me. I’ve been able to step back and away from everybody’s expectations of me and begun to examine what I really feel, and as disturbing as that can be, I’ve realized I am not happy where I am at in life and I need to ditch the dirty grime in my life fast or it’s going to take me down.

If you’re a 20 something gal and you’re going through a “crisis”…which let me stop for a minute, because I don’t for one second think that questioning MY life and wanting it to be done on MY terms is a crisis, it’s a MIRACLE..so if you’re going through a QLC/QLMIRACLE then head on over and check out the blogs and consider participating in the Joy Equation yourself.


Because I get such joy and inspiration from the posts over at Stratejoy, I just wanted to take a moment to quote from one of the recent posts that strongly resonated with me, and I’m definitely going to follow through with.

10 Ways to Get Your Act Together

MONEY: Read Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You to be Rich.  Follow his 6 week program “No Guilt.  No Excuses.  No B.S.”   Your money and your financial peace of mind will thank you.  This is a great program to tackle with a friend.  Practice talking about money and hold each other accountable for the tasks.  Highly recommended!  

HEALTH: Just make one dietary change and stick with it for a month.   Drink more water.  Eliminate fake sugar.  Try being a vegetarian.  Give up alcohol.  What scares you the most?  Try that.

RELATIONSHIPS: Take a moment to make lists for each of the following questions.  Dedicate one day for the next 3 weeks to doing what needs to be done to emerge from this emotional clutter.

  • Who do I need to forgive?
  • Who do I need to thank?
  • Who needs more proof (actions speak louder than words) of my love?

SPACE: Have you purged lately?  Donated extra canned goods or clothing or that old lap top?  What about your creative space?  Do you even have one?  Don’t just keep rearranging the mess- get rid of things.  Even if you just tackle one place (bedside table? car?), you’ll feel the difference.

PARENTS: Do you parents know how you feel about your life?  Can you share with them?  Do you feel safe asking for support?  We all have such different relationships with our parental units, but if they are still in the picture- this is a relationship worth working on. Have a big, brave conversation with them.

SEX: If you’re a 20something girl who has never owned a vibrator/dildo, go buy one.  You can even get one online!  Use it.  (Oh, and if you’re in a relationship with a guy and have never used a vibrating cock ring… Big fan.)  If you’re already all cool with the toys, try reading What’s Up Down There?

WORK: Ask for a informal review from your supervisor to see what’s working and what you can approve on.  Share a big idea you have and take ownership for making it happen.  Be the change you’d like to see in your workplace. Also, stop gossiping at work.  Seriously.

TRAVEL: Pick a dream vacation.  Determine cost.  If you want to go next October, how much do you need to save each month from now til then to make it happen?  Start a separate savings account specifically for this goal.  Automate a transfer from your checking account.  Set date on your calendar to book the trip.  I know, I know- it’s boring, but ultimately practical.  If you save for it, it will happen.  And you won’t go into debt for last minute excursions to tropical islands!

LOVE: Have the conversation that needs to happen.

SPIRITUALITY: Pick one — daily prayer, daily meditation, daily walk outside, daily gratitude list– and practice.  5 minutes counts, as long as you’re focusing on something greater than yourself.  Treat this practice with devotion.  Light a candle, create a special chair/pillow combination, buy yourself a spiritual text to study.  Make it special.


See Molly’s full post here: 10 Ways to Get Your Act Together