Two momentous events happened today at lunch. Well, not really. In the grand scheme of this dreary Thursday though, they were momentous in their own way.

They happened during lunch. A pigeon walked up to me at lunch, tilted it’s beady little eye at me and cooed. I presume it was irritated that I had chosen to have a smoothie for lunch rather than whatever it thought I should be sharing with it. As he moved on to other victims, I noticed he had several tags on his skinny little legs (pigeon legs always amuse me, as they are often accompanied by rotund bodies). I stopped to wonder where this pigeon had been in its short life. Or long life, who knows. I wondered if this pigeon saw more of life than I did. Has he played witness to natural disasters? To lost loves reuniting? What’s the furthest he’s traveled? Why am I comparing my life to a pigeon?

The second event came on suddenly, probably due to the migraine forming at the top of my skull. I closed my eyes, wrinkled my nose, and scrunched up my face (you see, I was about to sneeze) and then this sound hit. The sound of a homeless man with a one man band, the sound of cars and horns, the sound of people carrying on conversations, and the sound of construction. It was at this very moment that I finally understood that this is what my head sounds like.