Breakfast: Banana and Almond Muesli

Snack: Special K Strawberry bar

Lunch: Turkey and Cheddar Sandwich

Dinner: Chicken fried steak

Exercise: None

Feeling: Didn’t get a chance to exercise today, either from general laziness or lack of function after the chicken fried steak for dinner. Mostly because of the laziness though.


Breakfast: None

Lunch: Chicken nuggets and ceasar salad-$6

Snacks: None

Dinner: Beef Tacos

Exercise: Zumba Intermediate 20-minutes

Feelings: This day just kind of came and went. Felt like a Monday, which always sucks for a Tuesday. Had to start some new “job duties” today, so that’s been kind of weighing on my mind. Still sore from the Yoga from the day before, which felt really good actually, like I was sore from a really awesome back massage. Zumba hurt today which is also nice. I’ve been using a waist trimmer for a couple of work outs now, not really sure if it’s going to help trim my waist but it certainly helps me sweat a lot more which is both cool and gross.

Breakfast: Banana and Almond Muesli

Lunch: None

Dinner: Chicken tenders $6

Exercise: Yoga- net 1 hour 26 minutes beginner level

Feeling: well, besides having some rather unpleasant stomach issues this morning, feeling much better this evening.

Breakfast- IHOP, which was gross (as usual), but mom paid for it cause I babysat little sister and that’s what she wanted.

Lunch/Dinner: pizza, again, but didn’t pay either

Exercise- none; another bad day for exercise, unless you count mopping and slaving over the carpet shampooer.

Feeling: bleh!

Breakfast: none

Lunch: baked potato $10

Dinner: pizza-paid for by Mom

Exercise: 45 minute Intermediate Zumba

Feeling: Today has been better, emotions wise anyway. I got my iPad 2 today and am now currently hanging out with my sister!

Breakfast: Breakfast Taco. I was really rushed this morning and didn’t get to pack anything. Spent $1.59

Snack: Luna bar

Lunch: chicken quesadillas and iced tea $6

Exercise: No Zumba, had a migraine from a stressful day so will have to double up on Saturday

Dinner: Potato soup

Feeling: today was a shitty day. Enough said

Breakfast: Banana and Almond Muesli

Snack: Several cupcakes…I was bad, but it was someone’s baby shower and they were sitting there looking lonely.

Lunch: Tomato, Turkey, and Cheddar Sandwich

Snack: Special K bar

Exercise: 45 minute Intermediate Zumba

Dinner: Brisket/BBQ

Feeling: Sore! But good, doing the 45 minute Zumba versus the 20 is always harder and seems like it will never end but when I was done I felt great. Still tired though. Not really craving anything I can’t have yet.

Breakfast: Banana and Almond Muesli

Snack: Special K bar

Lunch: Turkey, Tomato, and Cheddar sandwich

Snack: Popcorn

Dinner: Penne Pasta with Chicken in Alfredo Sauce

Exercise: Went to a free movie screening with a friend, so I didn’t get to do Zumba!

Feelings: I’m a little peeved that I didn’t think about making time for Zumba. But! I make a promise to do the 45 minute Zumba Thursday night instead of the regular 20 minute. Get 2 classes in.

Breakfast: Apple, Almond, and Sunflower Seed Muesli

Snack: banana

Lunch: turkey, tomato, cheddar sandwich

Snack: special k bar

Dinner: salami pizza

Exercise: Zumba Intermediate 20 minutes

Feeling: personal feelings aside, feeling great and energized today! A little sore, but good sore.

Hey everyone, the next 40 days are probably going to be a little different. Inspired by a local yoga studio (Yoga Yoga…which is amazing btw) I’m going to be putting myself through a 40-day challenge. For 40 days, I will not drink coffee, soda, or alcohol. I also will not buy breakfast or lunch here at work (must bring from home), and I also will be doing Zumba every day for 40 days. I wasn’t ready nor did I have the money this month to commit to the Yoga Yoga challenge which consists of taking at least 1 yoga class a day, considering I’d have to drive and the gas would also cost me money. However, I will be rewarding myself with a monthly unlimited yoga plan once I kick this 40-Day Challenges butt!! I’m also going to be rewarding myself with an iPad after saving bunches of money on bringing my own breakfasts and lunches.

So here’s to the next 40 days! I’ll be keeping a more than likely short and sweet blog entry each day about where my head is at and how I’m doing with the things I want to accomplish.

Breakfast: Banana and Almond Muesli

Lunch: Turkey, Tomato, and Boiled Egg Sandwich

Snack: Strawberry Special K Bar (.81 oz.)

Exercise: Zumba Intermediate-20 minutes

Dinner: Southwestern tamale soup

How I’m Feeling: So far so good. I’m a little tired today, it hit about 3 p.m. That’s pretty normal though, as I didn’t get near enough sleep last night and stayed up late. I’ll definitely need to go to bed earlier tonight. The Muesli for breakfast definitely kept me full until well after lunch time. The sandwich was ok, not as good as I was expecting. Needs a little something else for flavor. Will have to work on that. Will have to try the Muesli with water instead of milk perhaps and also with apples and sunflower seeds. Mix it up. Excited about that one. No cravings for coffee or soda yet today.

After Zumba, I just danced around the house to my favorite music. Just bouncing around on my energy high from Zumba really pumped me up! Feeling good, but still gonna go to bed early.


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